She went crazy: Spears, after breaking up with her husband, consoled herself in the arms of half-naked handsome men.

She posted the provocative shot online herself.

Six years later, one of the strangest couples in Hollywood has broken up. Actor Sam Asgari publicly stated that he suspected his wife Britney Spears of cheating and moved out from her. In response, she began publishing provocative content every day: she either rode a horse in a swimsuit or danced.

But the singer’s latest post made her fans shake their heads. The singer of the hit Toxic climbed into the arms of five half-naked handsome men, one of whom took her by the chest, and the other by the waist. Spears herself, apparently, was happy to be in such company.

She was reclining on men in a green dress, translucent in places, and long white boots. So while the star’s husband is healing his wounds, his chosen one is having fun and enjoying life.

Screenshot of Britney Spears, latest post on social media, 20th August 2023.
„When you go to meet up with a so called “friend” and drive an hour for chicken !!! Then you have to wait in the car and need to use the bathroom … I knew paps were tipped off because the car I was in was never used before … so how I was I followed ??? Malibu Canyon Road is the most horrible road ever to drive on … so what does a bitch like me do !!??! I put my green dress on and show up at my friends !!! I invited my fav boys over and PLAYED ALL NIGHT !!!“, Credit:B4859 / Avalon
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