Famous ladies who pay alimony to their exes. Negligent husbands profit from rich beauties.

Celebrity breakups follow a similar scenario to the divorces of ordinary people. Celebrities also often sit in court for months , dividing children, homes and fortunes. But in the families of stars, it is often the husband who claims alimony , not the wife! Below we have collected the most famous cases of separation, in which negligent husbands managed not only to break the heart of the chosen one, but also finally put their hand into her wallet!

Star breakups: famous ladies who pay alimony to their exes

Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd

During one interview , J. Lo admitted that she is always drawn to “bad boys.” Alas, such men do not make very good partners. After the divorce, the first husband of the beauty Ojani Noah blackmailed the singer with their home videos. Therefore, the star played it safe with her second husband. In the divorce, dancer Cris Judd received a mind-boggling $18 million ! But in return he signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

During a high-profile divorce case, dancer Federline shook off his ex-wife $13 million ! This amount consisted of $250 thousand for each year spent with Spears, half the cost of their common mansion in Malibu and funds for the maintenance of the couple’s two sons. However, it is worth giving Kevin his due – after his divorce from Britney, he raised the children himself and coped with the task quite well.

Anna Faris and Ben Indra

Anna and Ben were colleagues and starred together in the film “Lover’s Lane.” The couple’s relationship developed like clockwork—hot feelings, recognition, marriage. Alas, Ben’s love lasted only three years. The failed actor was unable to observe his wife’s creative success for a long time. The envy of her ex-husband cost Anna $900 thousand !

Anne Heche and Coleman Laffoon

The marriage of actress Anne Heche, star of the film “Six Days, Seven Nights,” and cameraman Coleman Laffoon lasted six years. It all started well, but in the end Coleman filed for divorce, suing his former lover for custody of their common son. In addition, Ann immediately paid Laffoon $275 thousand and continued to pay $15 thousand monthly for child support.

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte

The former “peppercorn” singer Mel B suffered a lot during her divorce from her husband, producer Stephen Belafonte. Stephen himself received only $40 thousand from Mel , but at the same time he pushed all the costs of lawyers onto the shoulders of his ex-wife. In addition, it was Belafonte who squandered most of Mel’s fortune in those years when he was still living with the “peppercorn”. Not a husband, but a complete misfortune!

Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaacs

At first, the marriage of the singer and producer seemed almost ideal. The couple lived together for 13 years, Blige happily raised Isaac’s trio of children from his first marriage. But then the couple’s numerous problems began to surface. During the divorce proceedings, the cunning Isaacs managed to sue his wife for $30 thousand a month ! And this despite the fact that he himself had a hand in his wife’s career failure! In an interview, Mary Jay exhaustively described Kenda: “And the husband is no good, and the producer is unimportant!”

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

This divorce was unique for several reasons. Yes, Guy Ritchie received a record amount of $89 million from Madonna during the divorce ! But at the same time, both the director and the singer took this news extremely calmly. For both of them, this court decision came as a surprise, but that’s all. Usually celebrity breakups revolve around the amount of alimony, but in this case, the singer and the director left the entire process to the lawyers. And the otherwise record amount in the context of the fortunes of Guy and Madonna turned out to be not very large-scale. An unprecedented case!

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