She didn’t listen to the doctors !!! What do the couple’s children who inherited their mother’s trait look like?

The smallest mother of many children died at the age of 44. Stacy was called the crystal woman because of her feature, which is characterized by increased bone fragility. Despite her peculiarity, Stacy got married and even gave birth to 3 heirs.

Doctors warned little Stacey that she was categorically not recommended to become a mother, but the 71-centimeter woman did not listen to the doctors. Stacey’s two heirs inherited their mother’s peculiarity, and their upbringing did not fall on the shoulders of her husband.

“Why doom children? She knows from her own example what it’s like,” “Rash decision. What were they thinking?”, “Sorry, but I don’t understand such men,”

“Why did a healthy man get involved with a woman like Stacey?” Internet users are perplexed in the comments.

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