“For the sake of money or an apartment?” A special guy showed off his wife in a wedding dress.

A special TikToker, Vladislav Petrovich, married a beauty named Yulia. The guy boasted of his beautiful wife in a wedding dress in photos from the wedding, however, he received barbs from subscribers who for some reason did not believe in the sincerity of Yulia’s feelings.

“Why does she need him? Are there really no normal guys left”, “Explain to me her position, I can’t understand why healthy girls doom themselves to this”, “Is she with him for an apartment or money?”, “Does the guy have rich parents?”, “She understands that their children can inherit their father’s characteristics”, “Why?”, “Is there something wrong with the girl?”,

“Poor guy, she doesn’t love him,” “Perhaps he’s a good person,” Internet users write.

Vladislav tried to explain to subscribers that despite his peculiarity, he is a full-fledged man. “I tried to explain to my subscribers that I was fine with this. We are happy with everything, but then I realized that they don’t understand me and don’t want to listen to my version,” Vlad said with regret.
What do you think about couples like this?
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