„Embracing Authenticity: Serena Williams‘ Iconic Body Unretouched and Unapologetic“

Serena Williams reveals her physique imperfections in an «trustworthy» photoshoot 😳🥹

S. William’s outburst grew to become the topic of heated discussions final 12 months. Dropping to N. Osaka, she brought about a stir after shouting on the referee.

And solely now she discovered sufficient braveness to open up about that incident throughout the interview with Harper’s Bazaar journal.

Apparently sufficient, she determined that none of her pictures could be retouched or edited in order to disclose her pure self and for the sake of honesty to her followers.

She admitted that she had by no means had the intention to offend Naomi and sincerely apologized for that disagreeable incident.

Anyway, she was strongly dissatisfied together with her fellow’s habits.

She was merely dissatisfied and didn’t anticipate such a factor to occur to her.

Serena is for physique positivity and her resolution to go away her pictures with out retouching pleasantly stunned everybody.

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