Unlikely Animal Friendship: Stray Kitten Befriends European Lynx, Thinks of Her as Mom

The cat thinks the lynx is her mom 🥹🤗

Animal friendship is simply the identical for all animals. And these two animals are the true proof of this. The European lynx dwelling within the zoo befriended with a kitty. The kitty was a stray one and got here to the lynx’s cage for some meals. Surprisingly the lynx was joyful sharing the meals with the kitty and befriending the cat.

The kitty and the lynx appeared to want each other lots. The zoo staff thought of, that the kitty thinks the lynx is her mom, as a result of when she got here to the zoo she was only a kitten. Seeing their sturdy friendship the zoo adopted the cat so as they will proceed being pals.

Simply have a look at their candy video cleansing each other.

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