The albino elephant went by way of many hardships, however all of the exhausting days remained behind him  

The little elephant proved to be so courageous 

Elephants are wonderful creatures, however unluckily there are individuals who hunt them.

This child elephant had such luck when he fell right into a poacher’s entice, however his life didn’t finish there.

Thankfully, he was discovered by the employees of HERD, who hurried to avoid wasting him and took him to a shelter. There the sweetie received all the suitable therapy and care.

Though there have been some accidents on his face, he was so brave and managed to beat all of the difficulties. He struggled for his life and have become wholesome and robust once more. All of the difficulties remained prior to now and now he’s surrounded by type and caring individuals who love and look after him.

Due to her robust will and bravado, this candy animal recovered and received a second likelihood at life.

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