Uncover Bowie, the cute rescue kitten with distinctive eye colours who’s going viral on Instagram.

When the cute kitten’s adoptive mom Maria Lloret first noticed him, she knew she needed to identify him after the well-known singer David Bowie, who shared the identical multicolored eyes as the gorgeous kitten.

Bowie the cat’s twin eye shade is brought on by a situation known as heterochromia, whereas David Bowie’s mismatched eyes had been brought on by a situation known as anisocoria, through which his pupils differed in dimension.

Below the deal with, Lloret offers beautiful photos of Bowie and his mesmerizing eyes. We will’t get sufficient of bowie_the_cat. View a few of our favourite photos beneath.

As a consequence of adjustments within the physique’s pigment, heterochromia incessantly ends in two different-colored eyes.

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