Twins born with different skin colors captivate everyone with their beauty

When we talk about twins, we imagine a similar appearance. But not all twins are the same.

Our heroines are twin sisters of different races.

They don’t have the same complexion. Their hair, the colors of their eyes are entirely different.

It’s hard to believe they’re twins, let alone sisters.

Maria and Lucie Aylmer were born in 1997. Their mother is half Jamaican and their father is white.

The girls have two brothers and a sister who are the mixture of their two parents. But each daughter of the twins looks like a different parent.

Lucy is blonde like her father. Her skin is white, her hair is red, and her eyes are blue, but Maria’s hair is brown and curly, and her skin is swarthy like her mother’s.

“Nobody ever imagines that we are twins. I am white and Maria is black.

Even when we dress the same, we don’t even look like sisters,” says Lucie.

The birth of the girls shocked not only family members and relatives.

“When the midwife looked at both of us, she was stunned,” Maria said.

Today, the girls are 25 years old. The sisters differ not only in their appearance, but their characters are also completely different.

Lucy is more calm and shy, while Maria is much more lively and sociable.

Charming girls are proud to be twins. But Lucie and Maria aren’t the only biracial twins.

Although it is a rare event, there are other twins like them.

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