To be well brought up, Duchess Kate Middleton’s children must follow certain rules

In the British royal family of the Duchess Middleton the upbringing of children is carried out in a demanding way.

To be well brought up, the Duchess’s children must follow certain rules.

The little ones have their nanny from Spain, who is called Maria Borrallo.

Maria has worked in the royal family for five years.

She is a licensed nanny and was educated at a college in Norland where several girls are studying to become nannies.

Note that Borallo receives a fairly large salary. To raise the children of the royal family, the professional nanny has strict rules.

Above all, there are five rules that must be followed.

First, it’s about sleep. The little ones must go to bed at 7 o’clock in the evening.

Second, they are forced to follow a diet. Each week, children should eat a new meal.

Third, the offspring of the noble family must walk in any weather, even in the rain, with the raincoats.

According to the nanny, the fourth rule concerns games that are very important for the development of children.

They practice outdoor games and at home solve riddles.

Please note that they are not allowed to use digital devices.

And lately, at any age, children must have some entertainment, such as gardening or horseback riding.

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