Scarlett Johansson’s twin brother, who doesn’t look much like his famous sister

Fans of Marvel star Scarlett Johansson look at her Instagram photos and wonder who the hulking young man is who accompanies the actress to social events and poses, delicately hugging her waist, on the red carpet. And that’s none other than his twin brother Hunter.

The babies were born to an ordinary Danish family in November 1984, three minutes apart, what Ms Johansson describes as the best moment of her life. Although the parents are far from show business, creativity is highly valued in the family and they are determined to raise their children to the „cream of society“ by all means.

The twins have also been given memorable names; Scarlett was named after a beloved movie character from Gone with the Wind and Hunter was named after a hunter, presumably for fame and fortune.
The “royal twins” have been close friends and inseparable since childhood. Even today, the young men support each other, are proud of their respective victories and complement each other.

At first, Scarlett was jealous of her film career, but then she started filming her brother. However, after a small role in the movie “Thieves”, the young woman’s enthusiasm waned and she decided to pursue a more down-to-earth career as a politician. She holds a master’s degree in public administration from New York University. Hunter Johansson’s name was on US President Barack Obama’s list of running mates during his second presidential campaign.

He once worked in the office of Manhattan President Scott Stringer in New York. The aspiring politician has been tasked with organizing large and complex events, such as the White House dinner. At first glance, the young men are very different in appearance, but when we compare their features, it becomes clear that they are replicas, only with different sexual expressions.

The handsome Hunter is much taller, which is especially evident in the group photos. Athletic figure, broad shoulders, bright eyes with a sparkling Hollywood smile – there he is, the object of female admiration. Unlike his sister, Hunter actively showcases his life online. Judging by the photos, the man is passionate about health and sports and spends a lot of time training.

Hunter is less famous than his famous sister, but he has long since left her shadow. But the young men did not walk away. The twins‘ favorite activity is Disneyland.

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