Remember the girl with the huge unibrow? This is how she lives now

Sofia Hadjipanteli has been seen on the pages of the most popular magazines and on the catwalks of the most famous brands, but few people would describe her as an ordinary model.

The girl took the industry by storm and became popular for her incredible figure. The beauty has a thick monobrow that has caught the eye of the audience.

Such a distinctive look embarrasses many representatives of beauty, who are trying to get rid of it with all their might. However, Sofia has made it her attraction and her main asset.

Then her career took off and she entered brilliant history.

However, the beauty didn’t just want to charm people, she also wanted to support them.

That’s why she founded UnibrowMovement, a movement that promotes unconventional beauty.

Even today, Hajipanteli wears a thick monobrow and actively tries to promote his personal blog.

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