Year 4 student is teased for wearing a pink shirt, but supported by his teacher

William Girk is a fourth grade student.

One day, the boy came to school dressed in a pink shirt that read, “Cool guys wear pink. »

So his classmates started laughing at him.

The toddler didn’t believe his peers might dislike his look.

As the boy became bullied because of his pink shirt, he didn’t want to go to school.

The next day he told his mother that he no longer wanted to go to school. The mother was surprised, because her son was a good student.

And when William started sobbing, the mum realized something was wrong with her boy.

When she learned the cause of such behavior, she began to comfort her boy.

But it wasn’t just his mother who encouraged William.

The boy told his math teacher Dan Winter what happened between him and his classmates:

“When they asked me why I wore this color shirt, I said I like pink. So they called me chicken. »

Having learned the story with the pink shirt, his teacher supported him and he too started wearing a pink shirt.

This gesture of generosity gave the boy confidence and the classmates stopped insulting him.

Thanks to the support of his kind teacher, William is now comforted and goes to school normally.

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