what happened to the beauty of Charlie’s Angels?

Drew Barrymore, despite her good looks, has been repeatedly criticized for her looks and figure.

However, the girl is unlikely to overcome her shortcomings in the near future. In fact, she does her best to avoid surgical procedures.

Fans fell in love with the actress thanks to her role as a red-haired spy in the movie “Charlie’s Angels”.

In this action-packed film, the beauty enchanted viewers with her performance and striking images that showcased her beautiful breasts. But since the publication of the photo, a lot of time has passed, and the look of the performer has undergone many changes.

Barrymore is a fan of natural aging, so she doesn’t resort to Botox injections to hide her age-related features. The woman’s skin has lost its firmness and her face is covered with wrinkles.

Looking at the star’s personal photos, we also notice that she is wearing no makeup, which makes her look even older. Today, she no longer looks like the beautiful spy from an action movie.

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