The iconic image of Angelina Jolie from the 1990s did not leave her admirers indifferent

American actress Angelina Jolie is still popular and loved by millions.

His iconic image of the 1990s did not leave his admirers indifferent.

Jolie is revered as one of the brightest, most famous and high-profile personalities of our time.

She has become a stallion of magnificent style and taste.

She continues to be a great source of inspiration for millions of her viewers.

And she certainly knows how to charm everyone.

In 1997, the famous actress had appeared at the Cable Ice Awards (a former award that was given by the National Cable Television Association) with a delicate dress.

Today, the movie star has returned to her iconic 1990s style.

If you look closely at her outfit, you will notice that the actress brought to life her ravishing look from the year 1997.

These two outfits are quite similar.

She wants to prove that the fashion direction of the 1990s was really classic trends that are timeless.

With her champagne-colored dress and her classic pumps, Jolie appears as a symbol of elegance and charm.

The actress completed her extraordinary look with a fashionable black Saint Laurent bag.

After this impressive appearance, her admirers were happy to see their beloved actress healthy and happy again, especially after breaking up with her ex-husband, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt.

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