Rescued Mom Dog With Puppies Loves Having Her Paw Held While She Cares For Them

Mama Kerry was found hiding under a car, extremely pregnant, and ended up giving birth in a shelter. She was quickly taken in by Hearts & Bones Rescue, who are on a mission to ensure that she and her puppies are safe and cared for.

“Kerry and her babies settled in right away,” said Katherine Hieber of Hearts & Bones Rescue. „Kerry is incredibly resilient and seemed happy to have a safe place to take care of her pups.“

After being alone on the streets, Kerry was absolutely thrilled to finally be surrounded by people who loved her. Although she is an amazing mother and knows exactly how to take care of her puppies, she never wanted to do it alone. Today, she lets everyone help her with her babies and even enjoys having her paw held while she nurses them.

„She’s extremely affectionate, so if you’re around, she’ll let you know how much she enjoys being around you by kissing you or hugging you,“ Hieber said. “Kerry is very confident and hasn’t been overly protective. She lets us handle her puppies so we can weigh them and make sure everyone is growing up healthy.”

Kerry seems to know that the people around her are there to help her and her puppies, which makes her very happy. Her puppies mean a lot to her, and having a safe place to relax and watch them grow is all she ever wanted.

„It’s clear that she really loves her puppies and just wants to be around them,“ Hieber said. “Every time we take her outside to relieve herself, she always wants to go back inside to be near them. She’s a helicopter mum at best”.

Kerry and her puppies are currently on their way to their next foster home in New York, where her new foster family will hold her paws and help raise her babies. The little family will continue to grow and love each other until it’s time for them to leave in search of their forever home.

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