Famous Monica Bellucci’s quotes about life and beauty will help every woman

The remarkable Italian actress Monica Bellucci has several quotes about life and about feminine beauty.

She is famous for her extraordinary beauty and for this she is called the Italian goddess.

According to Monica, beauty is a gift given by nature, like intelligence or health.

This attractive woman never thought of eating little to look slimmer. But she managed to always stay in shape.

She explains the secret of her fantastic beauty by saying that to be beautiful, you just have to love yourself.

Despite her 58 years, the charming movie star is still lovely and graceful.

When she was a young child, she was nothing special.

Her parents always cut her hair very short and she never felt sure.

But over time, the girl changed so much that no one could remain indifferent to her flawless beauty.

While studying at school, the girl did not have many friends, because she liked to occupy herself with her studies.

After school, she entered university and studied law. But realizing that her calling was the stage, she chose a career as a model.

Bellucci shot to fame in 1996 with the movie The Apartment.

Here are some quotes from Monica Bellucci:

“Woman is beautiful if she thinks so. It doesn’t matter what other people think of her. »

“Love is part of men’s lives, but for women it is their whole life. »

“Love can only exist with freedom and respect. »

“Beauty becomes power when you know how to use it”.

“When I was a kid, I wanted to show that I had a brain, but now I don’t care. »

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