you may not recognize Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga sticks to her bold stage presence. High heels, luxurious dresses, wigs and vibrant makeup that highlights both eyes and lips are all things fans have long grown accustomed to.

Haters claim the star doesn’t recognize her natural beauty, so she hides behind excessive luxury and wears high heels to conceal her short stature (155cm).

In fact, Gaga isn’t ashamed of herself without makeup or a wig, as she proved by posting a similar photo on social media.

In the photo, the celebrity does not look at all like the scandal man that the media so often talks about.

She looks more like a teenager.

In any case, customers liked the photo. Many of them noticed the ideal skin color of the 36-year-old artist – not every girl her age can boast of such a complexion.

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