who is she and what does she look like?

Many girls around the world struggle to find their perfect size and often feel uncomfortable if they are too small, have short legs, or have a round figure. Genetics is not optional, and all people have a certain look from birth.

Some people grow up being tall, while others, on the contrary, remain small all their lives. Every woman is an individual and must learn to appreciate herself as she is.

Maki Currin, 17, from Texas, has very long legs. She even entered the Guinness Book of Records because her legs are 134 and 135 cm long respectively. Maki was shaped very early. Even as a teenager, she was taller than all of her classmates.

He never had complexes about his long legs. The people around him were also completely normal in appearance. However, the girl’s height of 208 cm was often the subject of ridicule. It took a long time for Maca to stop paying attention to the opinions of those around him.

Sometimes the girl encountered difficulties in her daily life. For example, when Maki takes a taxi, her head usually rests on the floor of the car. She also has trouble getting through low doorways and being in rooms with low ceilings. Sometimes Maki struggles to find suitable clothes and shoes, so she has to look for specialty stores that sell items that fit her parameters. She learned to deal with all these nuances. Maki accepts and loves herself and is very proud of her height.

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