It’s really amazing: the girl who weighed 138 kilos today is a professional model

People want to lose weight for different reasons.

There are those who want to look attractive, others want to live a healthy life, and some want to stop using food as a fight against depression.

Weight loss success stories inspire people proving that it’s never late to reach the goal and get a fresh start.

This young girl, called Désirée, had been overweight since childhood.

The girl could not lose weight, since she was very fond of eating.

And becoming a teenager, Desiree felt that she had to get rid of her pounds, but she was unable to do so, because she became stressed and did not stop eating normally.

The 23-year-old girl already weighed 138 kilos and could not move freely, so much so that her parents wanted to buy her a wheelchair.

So the girl decided to undergo surgery to reduce the stomach.

After the operation, Désirée changed her way of life. She started dieting and exercising.

Two years passed and finally, his pounds gave way. Désirée already weighed 68 kilos.

Always working on herself, the girl managed to make a modeling career.

Today, the model successfully presents itself in sportswear commercials.

His example inspires people who are on the path to losing weight.

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