How Myrtle Corbin, the four-legged girl from the circus, was able to find her happiness

Today, it is hard to imagine that in the 19th century, within Europe and America, there were human circuses called freak shows. And it is a pure truth.

They found their roots in curio exhibits from the mid-16th century, but their commercial form became established in the 19th century in England and America.

One could step into a tent and be transported to a world of oddities and wonders. During this time, those exposed were earning quite a living.

The heroine of our story is called Myrtle Corbin. This woman is known by the nickname “four-legged girl.” »

The girl was born in Tennessee in 1868, she was one of the famous members of freak shows.

She had four legs and medically speaking she was born with a serious congenital condition which meant she had two pelvises, two sex organs and two extra legs.

Myrtle was able to control her two inner legs, but they weren’t used for walking.

His freak show career took place at the age of 13, with Barnum.

During her career, she has also worked for Ringling Brothers and Coney Island.

She dressed the extra legs in the same stockings and shoes as her own, giving her a surreal appearance that drove audiences crazy.

Her parents could not imagine that their daughter could marry and form a beautiful family.

As the girl had a very attractive figure and a wonderful character, during the performances it was announced “that she was mild-tempered like the summer sun and as happy as the day is long.” »

At 19, Myrtle quit performing and married a kind doctor named James Clinton Bicknell who loved his wife dearly.

The woman gave birth to a son and four daughters.

And after the loss of her beloved husband, the 41-year-old four-legged woman had to return to the circus to support her family.

It should be noted that for the time, she earned very well, 450 dollars a week.

Myrtle left this world at the age of 59. The doctors wanted to get his body, but his children were completely against such offers.

And they did everything necessary to leave their mother’s body alone.

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