A woman finds someone in an abandoned shopping cart and saves a small life

Recently, a PetSmart employee spotted something wiggling in a wandering shopping cart outside. As the woman approached, a shy dog ​​looked up and shouted at her.

The concerned worker immediately sprang into action, likely saving the life of the young pup.

“The dog was posted to a Facebook group by a PetSmart employee asking what he should do,” says Chrissy Elder, founder of Forgotten, Now Family Rescue.

The dog, which Elder later called Monroe, stayed in the cart for nearly 30 minutes before anyone noticed it. And even worse, she was in desperate need of emergency care.

Fortunately, Mrs. Elder and her team answered the call to get Monroe the help she desperately needed, and quickly.

“I said our rescue was coming in,” Elder said. “I met the employee at an emergency vet to take over custody and care.”

The 3-year-old pit bull mix has undergone multiple complex surgeries to repair a number of injuries. Without the employee, Monroe might not have survived. But after all that, the sweet dog is doing better than ever.

“She shouldn’t need any extra care,” Elder said. “She should live a very normal and healthy life.”

You can see Monroe’s rescue and her life afterward here.

Monroe is currently living in a foster home until she finds her forever family. Elder noted that although this tough pup has been through so much, she is a sweet girl who has nothing but gratitude.

“Monroe is the sweetest,” Elder said. “She’s never met anyone she didn’t fall in love with immediately. It’s amazing, because everyone let him down.”

Now that Monroe is healed and thriving, she’s ready for whatever comes next.

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