Victoria Beckham Tells Social Media She’s Never Had Plastic Surgeries

UK singer, fashion designer and TV personality, Victoria Beckham, has spoken out lately.

This famous woman who has always succeeded in different careers, is already 48 years old.

The model has become an internationally renowned style icon and fashion designer.

For her services to the fashion industry, she was granted different awards.

The wife of famous former footballer David Beckham has always come forward against plastic surgery.

On social networks, the actress has repeatedly noted that her appearance and beauty are natural, and she has never turned to plastic surgery.

Beckham likes to share her photos with her followers where she always appears beautiful with a perfect look and makes her fans admire her.

“I’ve never done any plastic surgery,” she said many times.

But after a photo, where the popular woman presented herself in a dressing gown, social media and several users wrote that her external appearance was changed and that, probably, she had undergone plastic surgery.

But Victoria Beckham, offended by all these comments, replied to everyone that she has never done anything with her appearance and that she prefers to look natural.

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