James Bond’s undying love: The loving and devoted couple have been together for 25 years

Irish American actor Pierce Brosnan notably rose to fame for playing James Bond in a series of films.

It turned out that the famous lover is a devoted spouse in real life,

Recently, the movie star celebrated the 25th anniversary of his marriage to the charming Keely Shai Smith.

Being an infinitely sympathetic man, he won the hearts of several women, but this handsome man, with an irresistible smile, is a loving, caring and faithful husband.

Pierce Brosnan’s first wife left this world in 1991.

After the loss of his wife, the actor adopted his wife’s two children from his first marriage and raised them with their common cub.

The actor then met the lovely Keely Shai Smith who worked as a journalist in Cabo San Lucas.

They loved each other at first sight and this love has continued for 25 years.

The lovers dated for 7 years, then decided to officially marry.

They celebrated their wedding party in Ireland, in an old abbey.

The children of the happy spouses came into the world, their son in 1997 and their daughter in 2001.

Pierce Brosnan does not hide his feelings for his wife.

„Keely has such a special charm and attraction that I can’t live without her. When she
look, I’m melting,” Brosnan said.

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