A single man adopted a special baby: what the little girl looks like now

Luca, a young single man, has always dreamed of having a child.

But since his personal life was not well arranged, he decided to adopt a child.

To choose a little one, the man went to an orphanage where he saw a tiny baby and fell in love with it.

Center staff members were surprised when they learned that the man chose this child, because the girl was not a typical baby.

After the child was born, the doctors gave him a serious evaluation and his parents left him. And no one wanted to adopt the little girl.

But Luca was not afraid of complexities and he didn’t want to change his decision.

And since he was not married, the adoption process became difficult for him.

He turned to an adoption agency so they could arrange the paperwork arrangements.

Fortunately, everything went well and the happy dad took his little girl home.

Four years have passed and the little one has grown up. Her father took care of her and gave her all his paternal love.

They loved to play together and the little one also adored her caring father.

Luca often shares their photos on Instagram and he is currently a famous father and loved by his followers.

He also wrote a book which became popular with the public.

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