The years had no effect on her. How is the new mother Jennifer Lopez?

It took years for Jennifer Lopez to get along with her biological mother: at the age of 18, the ambitious girl left home after a fight with her parents, and from then on she rarely spoke and rarely saw them.

Today, the Hollywood diva’s family couldn’t be in better shape. Her mother, Guadalupe Rodríguez, often stays home with her daughter and raises her grandchildren. In the past, the López family was very poor: their three daughters were growing up and needed shelter, food and an education. Rodriguez worked at school and had no money.

And Jennifer’s decision to leave school and pursue a career in dancing came as nothing but a shock to her. In 2015, a public conversation with the mother took place. The singer invited her to one of her stages, writes the Mirror.

She appeared in front of her fans, looking just as beautiful as ever. Rodriguez is 76, but good genetics and cosmetics make him look much younger. There is no doubt that Lopez’s beauty is similar to that of her mother.

Dark skin, bright brown eyes, flawless skin, Guadalupe could easily shine on screen with such looks.

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