She shows honest selfies taken in bed.

Anne Hathaway showed off her natural beauty. She posted a candid selfie taken before the big event.

The Oscar winner was a guest at Paris Fashion Week. Before going out in public, Ann took an honest selfie. She seemed to be lying on a bed. The actress wore a white shirt; the How to Be a Princess star let her thick curls loose and didn’t put any makeup on her face.

Hathaway looked at the camera and smiled slightly. Swipe right for a warm surprise,” Ann writes, while the second photo shows a freshly brewed cup of coffee. It was made for the star by famed barista Michael Black. He thanked customers for meeting him at the cafe. It was a great pleasure to meet you today! I’m glad you enjoyed your latte,” Michael said.

Fans of the 40-year-old actress have left her many tributes. This was not without arousing the jokes of his supporters.

Free on February 14, by chance? “You don’t age at all”, “It’s black magic”, “Why do you look so young”, “Baby, what does Michael Jackson do for coffee?”. “You haven’t changed at all since you were 20”, “It’s something incredible”, “It’s great”, “Annie, you’re so beautiful!”. “I want to be Annie”. “She is amazing, amazing, beautiful, perfect!” – The magazine’s subscribers made comments.

During Haute Couture week, Anne was dressed casually. She paired a white sweater with flared jeans. A long blue coat was worn with a cap and sunglasses. She was carrying a large bag and high-heeled silver boots.

Recently, Anne was invited to the annual Sundance festival. She revealed that many moviegoers are worried about the release of The Princess Diaries 3. Hathaway suggested fans are likely upset because they’ve been waiting almost 20 years for the popular franchise to release.

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