meet Rory, the strongest girl in the USA

Not all men, let alone women, can lift that weight.

At all times, in different parts of the world, children unique in their abilities appear, articles are written about them, and the whole world follows their fate.

One of those children is Canadian Rory Van Ulf, who lives in Ottawa.

She is only seven years old, but she had already raised the bar with 80 kg, which is almost three times heavier than her own weight.

Its height is only 120 cm and the weight is about 30 kg.

Since Rory can’t compete in her native Canada, she simply doesn’t have any competitors, so she competes in the American neighbors‘ children’s championships to raise her level.

She has already become a champion of this country.

However, she does not manage with her peers, but with children of 11 to 13 years old, two categories.

However, this can lead to the fact that he will outrank older girls.

Every day, Rory already behaves like a real star: she has a blog on Instagram, which has signed 228,000 people.

In most of the pictures Van Ulf is depicted with a bar in his hands.

She is also obsessed with tattoos.

At the moment they are temporary, but in the future she wants to do real tattoos.

The young athlete has her own manager and medical staff who monitor her health.

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