How is the daughter of Sophie Marceau that she hid from the public for years

The famous actress of French cinema, Sophie Marceau, has two children. The star has always tried to keep her son and daughter out of the media.

The mother wanted her children to stay some distance from the public eye.

In 2000, Marceau broke off relations with Andrzej Zuławski, the famous Polish filmmaker and writer, after their last film named Fidelity.

The actress and the director had lived together for twenty years.

Marceau met Jim Lemley while filming Anna Karenina. He was the film’s associate producer. But the feeling between them, was not immediately awakened.

In 1999, the actress returned to the United States to star in the James Bond film „The World Is Not Enough.“ »

The subject of the film was very close to the real story of his life. The woman who had a son did not love her husband. However, her husband adored her.

And she fell in love with a young man.

In the movie, the actress stayed with her husband, but in real life she chose her new love.

In 2002, in London, was born Juliette, the daughter of Lemley and Marceau.

Currently, Marceau’s son, Vincent Zulawski is a director, actor and model.

As she protected her son from the curiosity of the media, for a long time Juliette was also far from the international press.

The acting career does not interest Julitte Lemley.

The girl devotes her time to her studies and does not want to follow in the footsteps of her famous mother.

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