Catherine Deneuve appeared at a fashion show in a shabby outfit.

At 79, Catherine Deneuve is still beautiful.

However, as a young woman, she viewed her beauty as a burden rather than a virtue. After all, Catherine always drew attention to herself, although she did not like it at all. Over the years, she overcame her insecurities, which helped her in this shoot. Catherine had to be perfect because she was still in the frame.

Deneuve gradually learned to accept and love himself. When the French film star’s skin began to age, she immediately decided to seek help from a beautician and a surgeon. The actress therefore underwent a number of plastic surgeries and cosmetic injections. And unlike his colleagues, Deneuve is not ashamed of this phase.

During a hike with an expert, Catherine decided a few years ago to age naturally, and she did. After all, the actress believes that age should not be feared, but rather anger, frustration and the monotony of life.

This is why Deneuve continues to take part in social life and small projects despite his advanced age. This is how the French beauty stood out during Parisian fashion shows.

Princess Catherine appeared at the event in a leopard print coat, black trousers and leather men’s shoes. The highlight of this look was the gray roots the movie star wore on her head.

Despite the messiness of her unpainted hair and the bizarre look of her men’s shoes, Catherine caused a stir.

Catherine is still as beautiful”, “The gray roots look dirty”, “Are you wearing men’s shoes? I wonder why she wears them”, “beautiful woman”, “always looks very elegant”. Especially because she’s 79,” “Catherine has her own style,” and “Catherine has her own style,” netizens said.

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