Woman hears creaking from trash can, reveals past drama inside

There are good-hearted people who love pets and are never able to harm a dog or a cat.

But there are indifferent and cruel individuals, for whom throwing little dogs into the garbage can is not considered a malicious action.

When a woman once went to throw garbage in a trash can, suddenly she heard desperate squeaks and moans.

The woman, very surprised, revealed that it could be a small animal thrown into the dumpster and proceeded to rummage through the trash to retrieve the animal.

Finally, she found a plastic bag and to the woman’s amazement, it was not just one being, but four newborn puppies.

It was obvious that someone wanted to get rid of the babies and threw them among the garbage.

The little ones were saved because they still had the strength to scream and call for help.

The puppies were taken to a shelter by the woman and staff members set about caring for them.

The little animals were very thin because they were starved and dehydrated.

The babies were weak and had health problems, because they remained in a plastic bag surrounded by garbage, maybe two or three days.

The volunteers were bottle feeding them, but were looking for a female dog who could breastfeed the babies.

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