what Kate Middleton looked like before becoming the prince’s wife?

We are used to seeing Kate Middleton extremely slim and empathetic. It is the frail and statuary figure that is remembered from her marriage to Prince William.

The slender figure of the Duchess was not spoiled by three successive pregnancies: each time she regained her shape quickly and easily, thanks to a special diet and regular physical activity.

That’s why we barely recognized Kate in a rare photo we found on the internet recently. Yes, we clearly remember that Middleton was more attractive when she was studying at St Andrews than she is now.

However, in this photo, she looks so different from herself that the image even looks like it was photoshopped.

This photo was likely taken in the late 1990s and early 2000s, either while Kate was studying at Marlborough College or while at the British Academy in Florence. Obviously, the hormones were at their peak at this time, which could not affect the figure of this smart and beautiful girl.

In fact, Middleton stayed at such a “big” weight for very little time. It was during her schooling that Kate met Prince William and took up sports, which allowed her to lose weight as a teenager and have a slimmer figure. Do you like Kate Middleton’s chubby cheeks?

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