The way American movie star Downey Jr. changed left everyone speechless

Here at what actor Downey Jr looks like now that his fans barely recognized

The way the well-known and successful star Downey changed by becoming completely unrecognizable did not leave any of his fans indifferent. The color of her hair and eyebrows have changed drastically, causing her to lose her former charm and courage.

Currently, the legendary man is filming The Sympathizer for HBO and in his heroic image has been spotted in Los Angeles leaving everyone speechless with his dramatically changed look.

„A spy thriller with cross-cultural satire.“ This is how the upcoming film was introduced to fans.

The great movie is based on a well-known book by P. Award winner Viet Ta Nguyen whose main character is a political prisoner, a former agent of communists.

It should be noted that the long-awaited project is led by P. Chan-wook.

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