Nobody can remain indifferent to the wonderful family of Diesel

Here are the adorable children and the charming civilian wife of the star of Fast and Furious »

The incredibly talented, commendable and prominent lead actor of ‚Fast and Furious‘ began his drizzly acting career quite by chance. A small and inexperienced child, he was offered a small role and dreamed of a bright future.

He regularly attended the gym, worked hard on his development, and soon, from a young, weak and vulnerable guy, he grew into a solid man of great experience, strong muscles and stamina.

His legendary role as a pilot named Dominic in the action movie brought him global fame and popularity. All parts of the franchise have grossed over $5 billion. Moreover, the last tenth installment of the great action movie was released in 2021.

It should be noted that the leading actor is not officially married, while he has been living with the popular model P. Jimenez for already 12 years. The inseparable couple have three children.

Paloma Jiménez

After the birth of their children, the woman began to devote more time to family life, taking a long break from her successful career.

Hania Riley

Here is the eldest heiress of the iconic actor, aged 11, who attends a school as well as self-defense classes. She is regularly present at various events accompanied by her legendary father having a cherished dream of becoming a popular star.

Vincent Sinclair

As for Vincent, she is still 9 years old and intends to follow in her father’s career footsteps. Currently, he is training his memory so that it is quite easy for him to memorize movie scripts.

Pauline Sinclair

The youngest of the beautiful family is Pauline. The pretty girl is still 4 years old and is surrounded by tenderness, affection and constant attention from her family.

Older siblings often play educational games, with Pauline taking quite an active part in her upbringing and personal development.

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