He stepped on the catwalk and no one believed that this model was 80 years old

In 1973, a Chinese film appeared and conquered the screens of the West.

The movie was called “The King of Kung Fu” and actor Wang Deshun played the role of the main character.

But the actor who became a famous movie star suddenly disappeared from the screens.

Later, it became known that he took up sports and developed his body.

At the age of 49, Wang Deshun created a kind of special pantomime theater called „Model Pantomime“ and started participating in several pantomime shows.

Being a film and theater actor, Deshun became world famous only in 2015, when he participated in fall fashion during Beijing International Fashion Week.

When the octogenarian took to the podium, no one believed he was that old.

And he even dared to show up without a t-shirt and his body looked like that of a 40-year-old man.

After all, he was named the hottest grandpa in China. In 2017, he became Reebok’s brand ambassador.

The famous actor and model recently celebrated his 86th birthday. He amazes everyone with his appearance and he is always surrounded by journalists.

Today, Deshun being at the peak of her modeling career, is known and admired by audiences all over the world.

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