Girl Spent $150,000 To Look Like Penelope Cruz And Turned Into Donald Duck

Vanessa has undergone numerous plastic surgeries to look one hundred percent like her favorite star.

The model revealed that she first underwent four surgeries on her nose to look exactly like the actress.

“Unfortunately, rhinoplasty is a very complicated operation and I didn’t succeed the first time, so I had to undergo three more before I got a good result,” said the model.

Mowri then wanted to change the shape of her lips and make them bigger. This is where she had a setback.

She spent $150,000 to look like Penelope Cruz and turned into Donald Duck.

„But after the lip operation, I looked in the mirror and saw Donald Duck, not me,“ the model says.

Of course, the resemblance faded and the model no longer looked like the Spanish actress. It had to be rebuilt.

The results had to be corrected in India and by another surgeon.

Now Vanessa has spent $150,000 to change her appearance. A facelift completed the body transformation. And that doesn’t even include the usual monthly procedures.

“The models came out early. So I take care of myself, I eat well, I exercise and I sleep eight hours a day,” adds Vanessa.

By the way, Penelope Cruz herself is not a fan of plastic surgery. She once said in an interview: „Age doesn’t scare me.“

But the 48-year-old actress‘ natural look has captured the hearts of many of Hollywood’s sexiest men. She herself has long been married to actor Javier Bardem.

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