A poor homeless dog on the dump gave people a paw because he was hoping for help

Like people, dogs have different characters and destinies. Bertha was a noble person. The tall, curly-haired dog has taken care of several of her decrepit brethren. When they showed up at the volunteer’s doorstep at the scheduled time, Berta let them be the first to be fed. The story is told of a friendly dog ​​who finally got lucky.

Berta, a sheepdog waited outside her door every night. Stray animals were not welcome in their neighborhood. Throwing food in the trash was considered more appropriate than feeding stray dogs.

Berta was very grateful and, despite her imposing appearance, very affectionate. At the sight of the young girl, she jumped up and rushed over to give her a hug. She could go on for hours during these caressing sessions. The volunteer had planned to gradually adopt the canine companion set, but places in the shelter were scarce. All the girl could do was provide food and some affection for Bertha. The old men, who learned of the hard life of dogs, although they showed their joy at meeting it, never approached.

Everything changed when one morning Bertha announced her arrival to the young girl by barking loudly. The dog looked quite miserable. His wet coat was encrusted with snowballs and blocks of ice, and he stood ankle-deep in a puddle of icy water.

The young girl realized that she could no longer leave her dog outside. She feverishly searched for a way to persuade Bertha to enter the aisle, from which she was always driven. The volunteer didn’t have a collar that fit her and she had no idea how she could convince a 30-kilo dog to follow her.

Doubts are dispelled by Berta, who watches over her benefactress, as if waiting to finally be invited in. When she indicated the door, the mongrel dog eagerly jumped inside and sat down on the carpet in front of the apartment. Berta tried to please the girl’s mother, she performed a simple „Give me your paw“ trick without any problems. She demanded affection and closed her eyes in delight when scratched behind her ears.

This time, lukewarm with affection and warmth, Bertha did not even reach for the bowls. She was wiped off the snow and mud and was able to sit on the checkered couch. The tired and perfectly happy dog ​​fell asleep snuggling up to his very first toy.

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