What does the giraffe woman look like who stretched her neck with rings for 5 years

This woman elongated her neck with rings for five years. Has she achieved a satisfactory result?

The concept of beauty is not always the same for all times and for all nations. It is even different for each individual.

Sidney Smith, a young American woman, always believed that a woman is considered beautiful if she has a long enough neck.

From childhood, she hoped that over time her neck would stretch, but her dream did not come true.

So the girl decided to get the favorite transformation with the help of a special technique.

And she turned to the tradition of certain peoples whose female half wears rings around their necks from childhood in order to stretch it.

Although it may shock the modern man, Sidney decided to have a swan neck at all costs.

The girl’s desire was so great that she began to wear special rings around her neck, knowing well that this could lead to a bad result.

That means your neck muscles could weaken and stop holding your head up.

When, after five years, she removed the rings, the neck was visibly elongated.

There were no aggravations, except bruises on the collarbones which disappeared after massages.

Currently, Sydney is happy with the result of her task, although, according to specialists, over time the neck may take on its old shape, as it was lengthened in adulthood.

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