See how the famous Latvian Barbie looked before plastic surgery

This woman, called Victoria Wild, lives in Latvia. She is known in her native country as a Barbie woman.

No one knows why the 30-year-old wanted to look like the famous doll and turned to plastic surgery.

According to Victoria, now she is the exact copy of the Barbie doll.

She believes that thanks to her hugely puffy lips and abundant figure, transformed with the help of plastic surgery, she has become one of the most beautiful women in the world.

She does not hide that she believes herself to be a stallion of beauty and that she is an irresistible woman, that all men fall in love with her.

If we look at the old photos of Victoria, we will see a pretty blonde girl with a natural appearance that is quite different from the present one.

And why did Victoria decide to change her appearance and become unrecognizable?

Only she herself knows the reason for her metamorphosis.

The girl shares her photos on the Internet, and there is not a single person who admires her current appearance.

All Internet users make fun of her, find her ugly and regret her former appearance.

But these comments do not matter to Victoria.

She thinks people envy her and always believes herself to be beautiful and charming.

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