Jolie is unrecognizable in the paparazzi photos.

Angelina Jolie became a mega star at a young age and managed to garner love and admiration from her fans.

Men and women all over the world have admired this Hollywood actress and women have dreamed of having a face like Angelina’s. This is how terms such as “Jolie’s lips”, “Jolie’s angles”, “Jolie’s cheekbones” were coined.

But over the years, Angelina Jolie, now 47, has looked completely different. While she looks identical on the red carpet thanks to her makeup and image, not everything is the same in real life photos.

Recently Angelina Jolie was photographed by paparazzi walking with her daughter and her looks have been called into question. Her lips are misshapen, thinning and moving downward. Nothing remains of the old Angie.

Many think it all started with a simple divorce.

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