her children are beautiful like her

Rishikat was born in western Nigeria. When her parents first saw their light-haired, brunette daughter, they worried about her health, but she turned out to be perfectly healthy. Since childhood, Risika has been noted for her unusual appearance. Many guys applied for this blue-gray beauty, but she chose Abdul Omar Dada.

Risika married Abdul at the age of 22. She very much hoped that her children would have the color of her eyes. It had been a long time since the couple had had children. The news of Risika’s pregnancy was therefore very well received and unexpected for all those close to her.

Nine months later, a baby girl was born. The parents look into her eyes with bated breath, knowing that the knowledge of motherhood has been passed on to this girl. And she looked at the world with bright blue eyes.

However, Abdul did not like the increasing attention his friends and neighbors were giving to his daughter. He tried to protect her from prying eyes, but the number of people who wanted to admire her beauty only increased.

The girl became a local celebrity, and Risika and Abdul decided to have another child. This time, however, they preferred a child with normal colored eyes. But once again, the mother’s genes prevailed. The couple’s second daughter also had blue eyes. Abdul decided not to make this characteristic public to avoid a second wave of the epidemic. As a result, the little girl was introduced to her relatives only at the age of five months.

Rissika became a mother twice and gave birth to two beautiful daughters for her husband. But raising children requires not only time and desire, but also money, which the family did not have in sufficient quantity. But it all turned out fine: A local photographer captured the dark-skinned, blue-eyed girl and her blue-eyed daughters in a photo that quickly went viral.

Photos quickly made this unusual family famous. Many are now predicting modeling or acting careers for these girls. But everything happened in due time.
Today, the girls are growing up and feeling the support of their fans, the number of which is growing every day. They believe they can succeed in life. Do you like Abdul and Ritika’s daughters? Do you think they have a chance of becoming famous?

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