A 110 centimeter man got married and became a father. How is her two-year-old daughter now?

At 33, James Rusted, of British origin, has already achieved a lot. From the height of his 110 cm, he has become a fairly well-known actor and a popular BBC presenter.

From an early age, James was never ashamed of his size. So when he saw Chloe for the first time, he immediately decided: “This girl will definitely be my wife!”. He decided she was the right one for him.

Chloe and James‘ relationship began with an unusual date in the summer of 2014, which they still remember with a smile.

They got to know each other well and ended up having dinner at a cafe. And when Chloe, who is 170cm tall, sat down at the same table as James, who is 60cm shorter than her, the waiter immediately brought the girl a menu. His companion received a sketchbook and a set of pencils. The waiter took James for a child and after a while he realized his mistake.

This evening of light, humour, laughter and smiles brought Chloé and James closer, who quickly declared themselves as a couple.

In the summer of 2016, James and Chloe got married. The bride and groom invited about 80 people, but the number of guests quickly increased by two and a half.

Many celebrities and members of the media wished to attend this unusual wedding. The next morning almost every major British newspaper and magazine was filled with photos of the wedding. Soon James and Chloe’s family became world famous.

In 2018, the Rusteds learned that they had a new member in their family. And the news was one of the happiest in their lives.

James and Chloe started preparing for the birth in advance. They spent a lot of time preparing the baby’s room and choosing newborn clothes from the stores.

Olivia was born perfectly healthy. James‘ idiosyncrasies were not passed on to him, so his size will soon catch up with his father’s.

The girl is now two years old. Her parents often take her out. James is convinced that Olivia will become a great actress and often takes her on set. She is already used to the camera and loves being photographed.

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