You’ll be amazed to find out what the retiree found in the chest of drawers he bought

Emil Knodel, a former marketing manager, is fond of antiques. The retiree lives in Missouri City, Texas.

He was surprised to discover a real treasure chest hidden inside a piece of furniture he bought at a sale.

The man learned that there was an estate sale at a nearby estate. So, he decided to go there in order to recover something old, because the owner of the furniture had recently left this world.

Knodel chose a chest of drawers with three drawers. He managed to get it by paying only 100 dollars.

He was primarily interested in his marble top, which he planned to use in his dining room.

But, it turned out that one of the drawers had a hidden compartment and there was, inside different expensive items, quite a treasure.

They were rings, pearls, diamonds, gold and silver, as well as a lock of hair and war memorabilia.

Emil Knodel thought he bought the dresser drawers and not the treasure he found in the hidden section.

“I didn’t buy these things. If I kept them, I would never feel well, I could not live peacefully,” said the brave man.

So he made an honorable gesture and contacted the executor. He was the son of the man who owned the chest.

The son remembered the cabinet from his childhood, but had no idea there was a hiding place inside.

He was obviously happy to own so many possessions by chance.

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