they are the most handsome men on the planet

According to a new study, attractiveness can be measured quantitatively.

Physical beauty is confirmed by scientific research?

According to a new study, attractiveness can be measured quantitatively. Here are the six most attractive and famous men in the world.

It is often difficult to explain why we consider someone beautiful or beautiful, but the truth is that we notice certain characteristics unconsciously.

The most important aspect is the symmetry of the face.

Researchers have started using a new tool to compare unique individuals with absolutely identical models.

Departure from sixth place occupied by Will Smith.

According to the study, a handsome 51-year-old comedian takes sixth place because his profile is 88.88% identical.

Next is 5th place, which is occupied by football player David Beckham-88.96%.

Fourth place goes to singer and actor Harry Styles.

The famous singer not only has a beautiful voice, but also the exact same symmetrical appearance: 89.63%.

Final places: 3rd place with the famous actor Brad Pitt.

Have you ever imagined that Brad Pitt is not one of the six most handsome men in the world?

This person ranks third in scientific attractiveness with a rating of 90.51%.

And now 2nd place was for a handsome man-Bradley Cooper.

Since the movie “The Hangover”, this gifted actor has been a favorite.

So, in the experiment, he was impressive: his forehead is symmetrical by 91.80%.

Imagine-1 place for the one and only-George Clooney!

The appearance of the actor is the most attractive, getting 91.86% of the votes.

Who can resist this male attraction?

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