The former millionaire left everything and went to live on a desert island

There are people who, passing part of their life, realize that it has not made sense and they decide to change their way of life.

Sometimes they desire to distance themselves from humanity and live far from civilization. The hero of our story is one of those.

Australian David Glashin was a fairly wealthy businessman.

But gradually he discovered that business ceased to interest him. So Glashin decided to go live away from everyone.

And he went to live on a remote island with his faithful dog Quasi.

At first, his girlfriend accompanied him, and it was she who offered to change his life.

But soon the woman left, because she could not endure such conditions.

David was left alone with his devoted pet.

The life of the former millionaire has completely changed.

He lives in his bungalow, admires the sunrise, goes fishing and hunting, walks with his dog.

And he managed to survive in non-ordinary conditions.

He even wanted to become a vegetarian, but could not change his eating habits.

Sometimes tourists visit him and he welcomes them with pleasure.

Someone gave him a dummy, to make him feel less lonely.

Using the solar panels, he has electricity and now, thanks to the Internet, he can contact the world.

David Glashin never regrets his decision. The man is certain that he will never return to the city.

But you can never predict the future and say for sure how things will turn out.

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