The smallest newborn in the world weighed only 267 grams: the baby became unrecognizable

We know that some babies are born prematurely.

The little hero in our story is a newborn named Riusuke. The boy was born in the 24th week of pregnancy.

His weight weighed 268 grams and he had a height of 22 centimeters.

Riusuke was born in Tokio and the doctors at the maternity ward couldn’t guarantee the baby’s life.

Since weight and height are very important for newborns, from birth the child was cared for by several doctors and nurses.

Riusuke was placed in an incubator, and unit personnel were doing all they could to get the boy cured and gained the necessary weight.

Fortunately, the baby had a great desire to live and he managed to survive and become a normal child.

But to recover, the little one had to spend six months in hospital under medical supervision.

During this period, no one was allowed to visit him, even the parents, because each of them could bring various microbes that would damage the health of the little one.

Gradually, the tiny baby was gaining weight. When Riusuke was brought home, he already weighed three kilos and two hundred grams and felt fine.

Currently, the smallest newborn has no health complications, and the cute baby is growing normally, like all children of his age.

The child is loved by his parents and relatives who bring him their care and comfort.

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