The first „seven little ones“ in the world grew up

The first “sevenths” of the world have grown up! What happened to them? The McCaughey family quickly rose to fame: in 1997, Kenny gave birth to seven children. News of the birth of three girls and four boys quickly spread around the world. It was the first successful birth of a second child.

Anyone who has ever raised twins or triplets can understand how difficult things were for the McCoogs when they started raising seven children. But Kenny and Bobby did not give up: the little ones grew up in an atmosphere of love and friendship.

Today, they are adults and have made a decision about their future. The future parents were very surprised to learn from the doctors that they were going to have seven children at once. They had the option of getting rid of some of the embryos, but they didn’t want to.

The babies were small at birth; the largest weighed 1.5 kg. Thanks to the doctors, all the babies survived. Two of the babies had to undergo surgery to repair the effects of cerebral palsy and are now able to walk again. They now feel good and can live their lives to the full.

Various charities have stepped in to help families through this difficult time. They had a large and comfortable house, the children received school meals and free vacations. However, this does not release the father from work and the children are encouraged to work from an early age.

The family already had an eldest daughter who always helped her mother take care of her younger siblings.

The family was very friendly and there was an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. The siblings were not only blood relatives but also true friends. This bond continued even after the seven-year-olds grew up and moved out of their parents‘ home.

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