The 57-year-old ‘Blue Lagoon’ star showed off candid photos without any makeup or retouching

Not so long ago, everyone was jealous of the beautiful love stories of young people on the island. And now the actress who played Emmeline in The Blue Lagoon is 57.

Brooke Shields hasn’t been in a movie for a long time and she chose to be with her family.

When the film was released, the whole world talked about the actors’ beauty and their amazing on-screen chemistry.

Young people fell in love with Emmaline on the screen and placed her photo in their bedroom. Young girls dreamed of being like her.

The actress posted a video online and you can clearly see her makeup-free face. Brooke had just dropped her daughter off at college and was devastated by the breakup.

The age-related changes are obvious, but at the same time, you can see that she still looks great. When it comes to her body type, the actress keeps her body toned and exercises regularly. Thanks to these efforts, Brooke has the body of a young girl.

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