photos of young Sophia Loren stunned fans

Sophia Loren is always considered a symbol of femininity, beauty and elegance. Even at 88, it’s impossible to take your eyes off the actress.

Loren has never hidden that she had plastic surgery. Not long ago, the actress decided to get a facelift. Many women dream of looking like the iconic actress. But she is far from perfect.

Even when she was young, it would have been hard to call her beautiful. The actress had rugged face contours to match. One immediately notices the huge nose and the second chin. Plastic surgery was essential. Lauren therefore took the bet without hesitation. In fact, the actress hadn’t touched her nose.

The actress touched up the slits in her eyes to make them bigger. She also removed excess fat from her chin and cheeks.

This was enough to make her face bright and attractive. And the nose gives the actress a natural and distinctive charm. But the main attraction of an actress is this: her energy. She knows how to introduce herself.

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