The way the iconic ‚Just Maria‘ star changed has left everyone speechless

Do you remember the ‚Just Maria‘ star? That’s how she is today

Mr. Lopez, a successful and remarkable fashion designer, has won millions of hearts greatly impressing Russian viewers with his unique image. It should be noted that the cult series “Just Maria” became a real Mexican treasure, and Victoria Ruffo became the favorite star of millions of people, since it was difficult not to fall in love with the stunning brunette with magnificent curls and a smile charming.

Although Victoria continued to act with brilliance in other television series, she did not manage to achieve as much success as during the popular series. As for her personal life, she first married comedian E. Derbez, while the spouses soon divorced. The couple had a son, Eduardo, 40.

Soon the eminent actress met the Mexican politician O. Fayad, with whom she finally found family happiness with twins – Anuar and Victoria.

Currently, the iconic star is already 60 years old and looks completely unrecognizable.

Despite her mature age, no wrinkles are soon on her face and she doesn’t seem to be afraid of aging. She may not dye her hair for a long time and not feel embarrassed at all.

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